Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's official... Elder Bartholomew

For 19 years, Michael has been awaiting the day when he would be a full-time missionary. 
 That day arrived on Wednesday June 5th.

 Just after being set apart as a full-time missionary
by President Wilding of the Hobble Creek Stake.

Packing for two years.

It all fit.  

A couple pictures before leaving home.  

All set to go.

Mike asked to carry Jennifer to the car one last
time.  Hard to hold back the tears.  

It has become a tradition to leave final 
messages and pictures to the departing missionary 
on the driveway.

Arriving at the MTC.  Just take a left
turn at this light.

We were amazed at the number  missionaries waiting to help.
I guess they knew they would be needed. It turns out that 
944 missionaries entered the MTC the same day as Elder Bartholomew.

So happy to finally arrive!

 Unloading baggage at the Provo MTC upon arriving at 12:30 p.m.

Saying good bye is never easy.
Getting what you pray for is sometimes hard.

 It took just a few minutes to unload his two suitcases from the car,
say final goodbye's and be whisked away by an Elder called to serve in Washington.  

A proud father watching his son 
begin his service to Heavenly Father and His
children in Australia.

By 12:36 we were headed to somewhere other than home.

Good Luck Elder Bartholomew
We are praying for you.  Can't wait to hear of your
experiences as a representative of
Jesus Christ.
We Love You!


  1. I am crying. I think it's a mixture of hormones and missing Mike. He is such a great missionary!

  2. What a sweet post! Good luck to your Elder.