Monday, January 14, 2013

In Memory

In some ways it seems like yesterday, yet it also seems like forever.
It has 20 years since mom lost her battle with cancer. 
I was greatly blessed to be born to goodly parents.  They taught and lived the
principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  My mother served others and taught
us to do the same.  She worked side by side with my father for many years
in providing for the necessities of life.  She instilled in me the value of working
hard and doing my best. Who I am is attributed to mom. 

Just some pictures of her. 

Such a cutie.

With her mother.  One of a few picture of them together. 

As a young adult.

A beautiful bride

 Always helping out.  Sewing the last few stitches before a niece's wedding.

One of the last pictures of mom and dad together.

There are many more memories and pictures I will share.   
Thanks mom for everything.  Sure miss you. 


  1. Tender tribute- time is no respecter of our feelings for a loss of a parent. Hugs

  2. I wish i could of met her here on Earth.

  3. Beautiful! I have always known how close you were to your sweet mother. It was wonderful to read about her and see pictures of her. She must be an amazing woman, just like you.

  4. Thoughtful post -- our mother's are the best for us!!! Isn't grand to know Heavenly Father know what kind of a mother we will need to help us get through this life..

  5. Beautiful pictures! Your mother was so beautiful and a wonderful person. She was so loved by so many people. Always thought the world of her and loved her.