Thursday, August 22, 2013

First day of junior year....and working her magic

I always take a picture the first day of school, even when he is a junior in high school. Can't believe he only has one more first day of high school after today.  What has happened to my baby? This morning I only had to make one lunch.  Wow! Gone are the days of making lunches and having to put names on them.  

Just before leaving the house...

down the front walk...

and down the street to the high school.  
He could cut his walk in half by jumping the back fence.  

After Tyler left for school, Stacy began working 
her magic in my kitchen cupboards.  She does it for me every
summer and there are only a few days left before she heads
 back to Logan to begin her final year as a Utah State Aggie.  

 Cupboard before

 While she worked on the cupboard, I did the 
fridge.  Somebody had to...

Looks so much better.  I am going to work 
hard to keep them looking like this. 

Not to bad in the fridge either.  

After a long day, he arrived home with my homework.  
Love the papers that need signatures
Another great school year has begun.  


  1. I love that you took those pictures of Tyler! So fun! What a fun tradition that Stacy cleans the pantry every year for you!

  2. I need a "Stacy" to clean my pantry =) enjoy them while they are home
    Happy Day...