Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Miuh JeungLouh

We finally got some pictures.  He is so happy and excited to be a missionary.
On Monday, August 5th, he leaves for Sydney Australia.  

Elder Bartholomew and his companion Elder Bryce.
I received this picture from a dear friend who works in the 
temple.  Right now, the Provo Temple is closed for cleaning.
Missionaries have the opportunity to help with the cleaning 
on their preparation day.  Yesterday it was Mike's turn.  My 
friend Kelley, directs the work of the missionaries and had an 
opportunity to visit with Mike.  She said he looks good 
and is so very happy.  She tried to get a hug from him to 
give to me, but he said he couldn't do that.  

Mike's MTC District. 
Mike, his companion, and the two sisters 
will serve in Sydney Australia.

The elders of District 45-F

Miuh JeungLouh and Bou JeungLouh 
at the Provo Temple.  

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