Friday, May 3, 2013

Getting Ready.....

Yesterday I think it started to feel a bit more real for Mike.  Since school is finished and the paperwork has been done for the passport and visa to Australia, it was time to go shopping for clothes and other necessities. 

We went to Mr. Mac where Tyler helped us pick things he would need.  Tyler helped Paul and Aaron, so it only seemed fitting he would continue in the tradition. 
Plus we really like Tyler. 

Mike decided on this all black suit.  Lightweight and very comfy.

Mike was told by an employee at Mr. Mac that it can and often
 does get very cold in Sydney.
This is 3 in one is the perfect coat for all types of weather.

Next came the shoes.  Considerable more time was
spend in making sure he got the right shoe. 
Tyler told us comfortable shoes are the most important
part of a missionaries wardrobe.  Lots of walking and
biking.  Gotta have comfortable shoes or  one will not
have a good experience finding and teaching. 

We got just the right ones. 
Still have a more things to purchase, but all
in all it was a good day. 

What is this? 

From the looks of our family room......

one would think someone was moving in or out.

Oh there she is.
 Stacy moved home this morning for the summer.

Welcome Home Stacy!!! So glad you are here. 

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