Sunday, December 2, 2012


Every year at Christmas time, I think that I should  grow an Amaryllis. 
They remind me of my mom. She always grew one at Christmas.  
I especially remember the last one she grew.  It happened 20 years ago.
Mom was in the final stages of her battle with cancer. 
I had the opportunity to spend much of  December caring for her.
Her flower was growing and each day we would turn it to face the light.
As we did so, it would grow straight and tall.
She anticipated the day it would bloom.  She so loved the amaryllis flower.
She passed away early one Wednesday morning and by the afternoon
the flower had opened up showing us its beauty.
After her passing, I thought of the flower and how as it followed the light, it became strong and beautiful. Our lives are much the same. As we follow the Light of Christ,
we can become strong and beautiful.
 I believe mom got to see her flower as she was welcomed to a beautiful place where she would be continue becoming strong and beautiful. 
Today, my Amaryllis bloomed. A gentle reminder of turning to the light of Christ. 


  1. I remember that flower and how mom anticipated it's blooming. I love mine- thanks.

  2. Beautiful memory. Beautiful truth. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I have never heard this story before. Thanks for posting!!! :)

  4. I found you -- thanks for the sweet comment about my Dad your uncle on the blog -- smile -- your mother and my Dad are indeed in a more beautiful place and growing and learning MORE! I love this flower it's new to me - it makes a great Christmas flower - indeed.. love the thoughtful story towards it..

  5. My mom always has such kind words to say about your mom. I only have one memory of her and that was spending one Thanksgiving at her house... I put my gum under the table!! So awful of me.