Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

September and October are busy months for birthdays at our house.  In September Paul, turned 25.  Wow.  I didn't realize I was that old.  Yesterday, Aaron turned 23.  I guess I really am old.  When the end of September arrived  our baby turned 16.  Hard to believe.   Anyway shortly after his birthday we found this on the front porch and sidewalk.  

An invitation to Sadie Hawkins and his first date.  WOW.  What a cute idea.  Tyler wasn't home when the door bell rang.  The wind started to blow and the foot prints were blowing all over the yard.  

Mike gathered them all up and put them in the hall leading to his bedroom.
He answered her by having their orchestra teacher tell her yes during class.  (Silly kid.)

Then yesterday, the official driver's license arrived in the mail.  Much to my dismay, Tyler is a pretty happy camper.  Congratulations Tyler, we are happy for you. We trust the roads will still be safe.  

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