Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mr. Springville Week

Zero to Hero

This past week has been a busy one for Michael. He had the opportunity to compete for the prestigious title of Mr. Springville 2012. Here are are few of the activities he participated in during the week.

Monday was Action Figure Day. Each contestant decorated a cardboard cutout of themselves as an action figure of their choice. Here is Mike's:

Tuesday, the contestants were able to
show off their legs in any fashion they wished.
They sat behind a curtain with just their legs showing while the
student body voted for the best legs.

Can you guess which ones are Mike's
(hint, hint: he has been asking if it would be okay to shave his legs for track)
Yup, that's him. Cute huh?

Wednesday was love poem. Each contestant read a love poem. (didn't get a picture)

Thursday was decorated cake day.
Mike designed and decorated his cake early in the morning with his escort Katie.
They had a good time.
Katie was a trooper. She had to be to the school early
just about every morning.

The finished product took second place.

Friday, the big day. Each contestant dressed as their favorite hero.
Can you guess who Mike is?
If you guessed MegaMind, you are right! His costume took third.

The pageant was held on February 18 at the high school.
It began with a fun group dance.

Each contestant then performed a talent of their choosing.
Mike chose a jump rope routine.

Next came the swim wear.
Mike dressed up as a merman, complete with an octopus hand puppet.

Following the swim wear each contestant was introduced in their formal wear.

Doesn't he look handsome? I guess that's cuz I am his mother.
At this point, 5 finalists were selected. Mike was selected as one.
Each then answered a question.
Big moment arrived. The announcement of Mr. Springville
and his attendants.

Mike was chosen as 4th attendant.

Busy Week.
I wonder what will happen this week.


  1. Sounds like lots of fun. Way to go Michael !!

  2. I love it! How fun. Michael was so creative with everything! I highly enjoyed all the pictures and video!